The new Airrus Ultra is built with the Airrus Magma Polyacrylonitrile Technology, but we reduced the rod weight by 10% (on average) using a lighter carbon fiber in the prepreg while keeping our Multimodulus Technology.


The action of the Ultra rods was carefully tuned, with some structural changes, on the rod taper and on the H.M. carbon fiber mix used in each rod. To achieve faster actions with a softer tip, designed for high sensitivity and total lure control, we created progressive curves in the middle section of each blank and a steadfast backbone (with almost zero deformation) for a highly effective hook set and extra-long casts. The final result is a rod with a better fighting ability and a blank which gets stiffer as the load increases.


The handle is made of a harder grade EVA, assembled with less glue and without internal spacers for improved sensitivity. The guides wrapped on the Ultra series are Fuji FazLite, with anti-tangle frame. Airrus was the first brand, industry wide, to use these guides over a year ago. The Ultra is assembled using L.A.B.S. components, custom made metal parts, laser engraved winding checks and hoods designed by Airrus, exclusively for Airrus. These have an important balancing function, giving you the ability to cast for hours with less fatigue. The X-Concept is an accurate study on the details and components which represent Airrus design research, to achieve a rod that is unique amongst all other rods in the industry. The X-Concept means superior attention in every detail of our fishing rod.