One of the most critical parts of a fishing rod blank is the tip. It creates the action, it's the last section of the rod that is responsible for the cast and the hook setting, it makes you feel better the bites and control the bait. When faced with the challenge of improving the existing blanks, we decided to develop a completely renewed tip. The goal was providing a superior casting distance and precision, even for smaller and lighter baits, improving the bait control and sensitivity. We realized a solid glass tip, using our own S2 fiber, capable of shredding the performances ever reached by a traditional, tubular tip. We created the V-Torsion tip. The softness of this tip combined with the underlying blank power, creates a combo of fantastic casting and sensitivity performances, and hook setting and fighting power capabilities. The material is incredibly strong and hard-wearing, thanks to the higher shock resistance and and lower thermal expansion and deformation.